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LMT's Schedules

Service Providers please submit your monthly schedule for "On-Call", "Back Up", "Call List" or "Not Available" / "Busy".

All Body Tech™ Service Providers will be set up with a calendar for scheduling and appointments.  Each time you (Service Provider) enters your schedule and appointments on your personal calendar, you can choose to share or keep each appointment or event private or, it can be shared with your team leader and Body Tech™ Reservations.  If you do not "share" your appointments or events, Body Tech™ associates will only be able to view your appointment or event as "Busy" which we consider "Not Available".

When Body Tech™ Reservations schedules and enters an appointment into the Calendar, the scheduled Service Provider(s) will be notified via email.  When Service Providers receive this email you will need to respond with a yes so you can view the details of this appointment on your calendar. 

Training will be provided, please contact your team leader or Body Tech™ Reservations with any questions.

"On Call" Service Providers are expected to answer the phone when contacted and are on "stand by" waiting for work and can be on their way to a reservation within minutes of receiving a call from Body Tech™ Reservations.  Body Tech™ Service Providers that are listed "On Call" will be the first to be contacted within the assigned zip codes.

"Back Up" Service Providers will be contact when the "On Call" Service Providers are booked. Service Providers will be expected to return calls that are received by Body Tech™ Reservations within a timely manor and/or between your personal appointments.  We ask that "Back Up" Service Providers give every effort to fit a same day appointment into their schedule when contacted.  To be listed on the schedule for "Back Up" is for Service Providers who provide services for other companies or them self.  Service Providers listed as a "Back Up" shall contact Body Tech™ Reservations to be taken off the "Back Up" list if Service Providers schedule fills up.  

"Call List" Service Providers will be contacted as a last resort for scheduling appointments. Body Tech™ does not expect a committed schedule from Service Providers on the "Call List". When Service Providers are contacted by Body Tech™ Reservations we do asks for a call back when the Service Provider is available.    

"Not Available" Or "Busy" Service Providers will not be contacted for a reservation during the time Service Providers are listed as "Not Available" or "Busy". 

Service Providers
Submit Schedules via Online Calendar 

Scheduling Calendar Directions:  Service Providers
 calendars are password protected.  

When scheduling your availability, please list your name and block out the days and times, and schedule yourself as "On Call", "Back Up", "Call List", or "Not Available".  Once you enter your schedule for "On Call", "Back Up", or on the "Call List", you will need to select "Add Guest" & "Email" (bodytechcorp@aol.com) so Body Tech™ Reservations associates can view.  

We ask Service Providers to provide their schedule on a monthly basis, preferably, by the first of every month, and make schedule updates when changes are made.  Service Providers can also use this on-line calendar for personal use.  It is up to the Service Providers to "SHARE" by "Add Guest" to each of your calendar entries.  

We ask that our Service Providers that want to listed as "On Call" and "Back Up" to be somewhat consistent and communicate with your Territory Team Leader for scheudle updates.  

Training will be provided.


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Service Providers Calendars