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Career Opportunities ~ Massage Spa Service Providers "LMT"

Body Tech™ Service Providers will provide ETHICAL mobile massage spa services to the following:

  • HMassage Therapistotels
  • Residential Clients
  • Corporate & Events
  • LMT Staffing
  • Spa Parities
  • Couples, Small & Large Groups

Position includes:

  • Choice of work schedule.
  • No waiting with no pay at a location.
  • Training of Body Tech™ policies & procedures, services, and online calendar software system for uniformity and safety.
  • Direct contact with team leader and corporate on Service Providers schedule.
  • Scheduling shall be updated on Body Tech™'s proprietary online calendar software system.
  • Mobile massage spa services will be performed at the provided locations.
  • Policies & procedures shall be followed at all times while performing services through Body Tech™. This is for uniformity, safety, and over all protection.

Excellent compensation package:

  • Commission compensation for Service Providers new to profession shall start between 40 and 45% depending on the interview hands-on demonstration.
  • Experienced Service Providers will receive a 50% commission on full massage therapy services.
  • There are fees for full service sales transactions which total 20% off the top of the GROSS SALES. The breakdown: 10% fee pays toward reservations and payroll, 5% credit card processing, and a 5% corporate marketing fee. This is taken only from the gross sales of each sales transaction that is paid on commission. The commission is paid from the NET Sales of each commission based sales transaction. 
  • Commission based services that fall below $50.00 will be automatically raised to a total of $50.00 which will be paid to the Service Provider. This is based on each sales transaction and does not include gratuities.
  • When Body Tech™ provides products and supplies for spa services, or for special packages and parties, the compensation is paid at an hourly rate.
  • When services are provided through Body Tech™ Corporate & Events Services and LMT Staffing Services, the compensation is also paid at an hourly rate.
  • Hourly pay rate is between $20.00 and $30.00 an hour hands-on.
  • Service Providers will receive 100% of all gratuities.
  • There will be a onetime upfront fee of $50.00 for Service Providers appointment kit, uniform, and processing.
  • No annual or monthly fees.
  • The only fees are taken from the top of each "full service commission sales transaction" (not from hourly compensation pay).

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Body Tech™ needs to obtain updated copies of the following:

  • Body Tech™ application
  • State license (LMT)
  • National certification (This is recommended but not required)
  • Malpractice insurance Policy (with Body Tech™ listed as an additional insurer)
  • Valid drivers license
  • Automobile insurance policy
  • Local business licenses & permits required in your county
  • W9 form
  • Up to date CE's  

Supplies Required

  • Reliable vehicle
  • Mobile phone
  • Massage table & bolster
  • Massage chair
  • Massage music
  • Fresh clean linens
  • Massage lotions & oils (natural massage products)
  • Aromatherapy

Spa kits can be loaned per SPA service from team leaders or purchased at a discount through Body Tech™'s affiliate product companies listed on the website.