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Body Tech Mobile Massage Spa Services

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Body Tech
Power Point Presentation


Our company power point presentation provides all the basic information about our Body Tech™ System.  This includes information on our procedures for safety and uniformity, contact information, hyperlinks to our website, and online marketing materials.  Our online marketing materials will allow our affiliates access to live marketing templates which can be forwarded in an email to guests that request information on spa company's that are referred by your hotel. 

This presentation with our hyperlinks can be emailed, delivered on a flash drive, or both. Please proceed to the Affiliate Request Form  to order our power point presentation.

Safety & Awareness

Body Tech™ Reservations and our Spa Professionals are required to follow all scheduling and appointment procedures for safety and uniformity.

Below is a copy of Body Tech™'s "Hotel Check-In Safety Card".  All Body Tech™'s licensed massage spa professionals are required to check-in with hotels front desk or concierge with this card for their safety.  Upon leaving they are also required to check-out.

Body Tech™ Reservations perform full screening procedures with every potential client. Clients are informed of our appointment process and procedures that include full draping, which is required by law, along with taking the clients health and payment information.   

Body Tech™ reserves the right to refuse service if the potential client does not agree with our ethical procedures.  Again, this is for all of our safety!

Body Tech™ professionals are required to contact Body Tech™ Reservations to verify their arrival to their client and once they are safe in their car upon leaving the hotel premises.

     Click Here to View A Sample Check-in Letter

Human Tracking Awareness Member 

Body Tech™ is a proud member of NCBTMB Human Trafficking Awareness Program.  
This program creates an awareness that helps protect people (including young adults) and safeguards the massage profession.

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