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Golfers Specials

Depending on room size, you can choose to have one or more massage spa professionals providing services.  If two professionals are needed at the same time to perform a couple massage spa service located in a hotel room, a suite is need to accommodate two tables. 

If one massage therapist is providing back to back massages there will be a $10.00 discount per each massage of your choice.

See below for our Golfers Massage & Special Discounts.
To receive our discounted offers...
*  Reservations will need to be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance.
*  Print our Discount Certificate and present to one of our massage spa professionals.

Golfers Massage & Special Offers 

The Golfers Massage

This massage is a therapeutic deep tissue massage along with neuromuscular (NMT) techniques that get deep into the connective muscle tissues to release trigger points, and stretching.  If you have areas of major tension and/or pain and want relief, this session is for you.  Communication will be needed during this massage and should never go beyond a hurt so good. 

        Regular Price        

  60 minutes    $140.00
  75 minutes    $160.00
  90 minutes    $180.00
105 minutes    $200.00
120 minutes    $220.00

Golfers Specials:  Take $10.00 off the 75 minute massage, $15.00 off the 90 minute or, $20.00 off the 105 or 120 minute massage.  This discount is also good to use toward any of our Regular Priced Massages

Please also view our Individuals and Couples Packages.


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Golfers Massage Special

Golfers Specials:  Take $10.00 off your 75 minute massage, $15.00 off the 90 minute or, $20.00 off the 105 or 120 minute massage. 

This coupon applies to our regularly priced massage services.  Offers are good for one sales transaction per client until the date specified.  Not good in conjunction with any other coupons, packages or offers. 

To receive these discounted offers...
*  Reservations will need to be scheduled 72 hours in advance.
*  Print this Discount Certificate/Offer and present to your massage spa professional.

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Golfers & Pain

Because the golf swing involves an array of complex unilateral body movements, at some point virtually every golfer will experience an acute injury or chronic back pain.
Here are some recent stats:
- 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer low back pain.
- As many as 30% of professional golfers are playing injured.
- 33% of golfers are over the age of 50.
- Playing golf and another sport increase your chance of
  injury by 40%.

Researchers conclude that a majority of injuries affecting male golfers originate in the low back and are related to improper swing mechanics and/or the repetitive nature of the swing.  Amateurs are typically injured due to improper swing mechanics whereas professionals suffer overuse injuries as they obsessively perform repeated strokes.  When a high velocity rotary force couples with trunk sidebending (the crunch factor), the golfer's spine and paravertebral tissues take a beating.  It's no wonder low back pain (LBP) is the most common myoskeletal complaint among golfers.

Our Professionals are properly trained to provide Massage Treatments to help alleviate the pain associated with playing such a physically demanding sport.